Why am I writing this blog?


It is supposed to get me exposure – Isn’t it?                                                                                                 and help me market my books to the world… but what do people want to hear?

Why would they even bother to read my blog, after all who am I?                                                    and what have I got to say that would be so interesting that you would stop to read this?


I am just another self publishing author, amongst a sea of hopeful authors trying to be seen and heard.

So let’s see if you find me interesting! Try reading this…                                                                    https://xlntreads.wordpress.com/about/

As Dr. Seuss once said “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” Here is to finding a simple answer to all my questions…

If you still don’t find me interesting enough, tune into my blog next week! Why? … because there is still the unknown



Please read my book!

How do I get my message out there?

The truth for me, is that the reason that I wrote my books was for people to enjoy my stories.

I had a life experience that heightened my senses and gave me the passion to write. I have had a wonderful time writing and illustrating all my books…

What I don’t have experience in, is beating my own drum to everyone out there and weaving my way through the mire of social media, traditional media and all those markets and trade shows. Slowly, slowly I have tentatively trod my way along these paths.

Social media

My favourite part however, has been the book launches. These are terrific days of sharing some food, wine and light-hearted conversation. To date, these have been arranged by local media for me so I haven’t had a chance to share these with my family and friends. Although I have enjoyed meeting new friends immensely,  I intend to correct this in the very near future.

book launch

Please keep a close look out over the next few months as I will be sending out some special invitations.

I also intend on keeping a running diary of the event planning for those interested in some ideas!