The books that I have had published so far are:

Adult Books

NEW RELEASE! There is a new book on the horizon. The genre is crime thriller. This book is somewhat “meatier” than my 2 preceding novels. I am very excited about this project and really looking forward to the launch!

PUBLISHED: The genre is action romance. My main character is an Australian guy who somehow gets entangled with dangerous circumstances and even more dangerous women.

  • “The Woman with the Scarlet Shoes” begins on the Gold Coast, Australia. Follow the exploits of my character, after he is confronted by the mysterious, beautiful woman with the Scarlet Shoes… untangles his desire for the woman in order to solve the crime…
  • “Howl of the Syracuse Wolf”… On a tiny sweltering island off the coast of Africa’s mainland… Armed with little but a beautiful woman by his side, and his determined friends, a treacherous chase draws them into the zigzagging path of the mighty Zambezi River.

♥ “The Woman with the Scarlet Shoes” is available from my author’s page on Amazons

♥ “Howl of the Syracuse Wolf” is available from my author’s page on Amazons

Children’s Books

The main character is a little teddy bear. This cute character is the style of bear that has no swivels, so he can’t bend… he is also a bit chubby from being a bit overstuffed so he has been given the name “Stiffy Bear”. The books all include a colour-in, a puzzle and the words to his song so that the children can interact with the stories.

  • Book One “Stiffy arrives in Australia” is the first book that tells the story of his life so far. It also sets the platform for his upcoming adventures.
  • Book Two “Stiffy meets the other Bears” is the next book in the series and is a wonderful example for children to understand how important family and friends are.
  • Book Three “Stiffy goes to the Beach” is the start of his adventures… He has never been to the beach before and this teaches kids that it is wonderful to learn and experience new things.

♥ He has his own website where kids can talk to the little bear by email, sing along with his song, download colour-ins, puzzles and the answers.

♥ His books are available from his website, or from my author’s page on Amazons

Picture for Stiffy Bear Banner


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