When is your book ready to publish?

Here is something that goes through my head every time…

Being an author is a strange profession, I am sure you will agree.

We spend hours writing our book/s, then reading it over and over. Every time I read it, I find something that needs changing. These changes can be either typing errors or I see the writing is weak and needs further caressing.

From my perspective, I believe that you should get it as close as you can to being right before giving it to a third party to proof read and edit. Once they have done their job… read it again! This is your baby and it needs your final approval. You know that you will be your toughest critic and will have the best understanding of the integrity of your story and characters.

If you still need changes, do it… once it is published you won’t be changing it again. This is your final product… you have to be happy with it and believe it is good enough for people to buy. Remember you will be the main sales person for your book. The better it is, the more you will believe in the book and the easier your job should be.

Happy story telling…                                                                                                                                                        it’s all about the tale and being able to share it with as many folks as you can!

happy writer


How and why to get published?

Well… I would love to know the answer.

Steve: Hey honey! Come here Andrea… everybody this is my wife!


Andrea: Hi everybody! What has Steve been telling you?

Steve: Fill everyone in on how to get published…

Andrea: I’ m busy at the moment… and to be completely honest, I don’t know the answer to that. We’ve only been at it for a relatively short time… but from what I figure the first thing you need is a Literary Agent. This Literary Agent, sends your manuscript to the various publishers for them to decide if they want to publish you. It is very important that you are published, as only published books get distributed to book stores.

Steve: Well that sounds easy!

Andrea: Yeah, it does, doesn’t it. The only catch is that you seem to need to be a “recognised writer” before you can get a Literary Agent. It’s the old… you need experience to get a job, but how do you get your first job without experience?

Steve: Hey, are there any Literary Agents out there? Would love to hear from you with an answer to this quandary…

Why should I read?

This is the best question a person can ask themselves…

One quick answer could be as follows…

          It’s the one that inspires me to both read and write! Our modern high-tech world, so full of stimulation by both large and small screens, provides us with a never-ending supply of visual and mental stimulation. “It’s more than enough for me!” I hear you say. Well, I have to agree with you. It can be very fulfilling, however…

          Something you may be overlooking is that when you are fed something in this manner, you see what they want you to see. Whereby, your own personal creative juices are limited to this. The reward of reading, is that your mind becomes the master of the limitless creations that your imagination generates.  More simply, it builds the picture that it wants to.

          Whether it be a comic book, magazine, autobiography or even a fiction novel… You, the reader, paints the picture to suit your own levels of entertainment and desires.

          After all, to your credit, you are reading this… so it’s already creating, therefore your mind could be searching for something more.

… what do you think?

New to blog!

Nice to meet you all.

Well, I have been on a roller coaster adventure ride.

Yes… that’s right! The world of writing, marketing and promotion is now a part of me and I can’t wait to get going with every aspect.

I am also looking to sharing what works… and works differently to expectations.

Stephen James

(adventurous entrepreneur and avid lover of fun!)