Why should I read?

This is the best question a person can ask themselves…

One quick answer could be as follows…

          It’s the one that inspires me to both read and write! Our modern high-tech world, so full of stimulation by both large and small screens, provides us with a never-ending supply of visual and mental stimulation. “It’s more than enough for me!” I hear you say. Well, I have to agree with you. It can be very fulfilling, however…

          Something you may be overlooking is that when you are fed something in this manner, you see what they want you to see. Whereby, your own personal creative juices are limited to this. The reward of reading, is that your mind becomes the master of the limitless creations that your imagination generates.  More simply, it builds the picture that it wants to.

          Whether it be a comic book, magazine, autobiography or even a fiction novel… You, the reader, paints the picture to suit your own levels of entertainment and desires.

          After all, to your credit, you are reading this… so it’s already creating, therefore your mind could be searching for something more.

… what do you think?


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