30th June 2018 – How close?

Another week rolls by… It is quite unbelievable where the time goes.

I finished writing the book back in April, but here I am at the end of June and I have just finished writing it again. Most folks don’t realise that when you write a book, of any size, there are so many words that you can easily lose track of what you have written. So one of the jobs of a writer is to read back through the whole thing to make sure timelines are right and that you haven’t written something and then said the exact opposite e.g. the blonde woman walks into the room and suddenly you find that you have been describing her rich auburn hair… Aargh! Totally wrong.

Next… another read through, just to be sure. This is also when I’ll be looking for keywords that hopefully will give me the title of the book. I have a few ideas currently, however I’m still not settled on one title.

Wish me luck!



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