Man’s best friend!



What a witty saying this is. All of us who read will certainly relate to this clever quote, especially we dog-lovers.

Reason to celebrate, I have finally completed the proofread and am very excited about the new mystery thriller.

We still have a final read to do… and then I’ll be getting some trusted literary friends to have a read and give me some feedback for the final tweaks.

In order to start promoting the book for its launch, I will be introducing the storyline and some of the characters over the next few weeks. I am also going to be asking for your help, as the baffling plot has also left us baffled about the title.

Don’t worry… the ten-minute thrillers will be continuing as well, so there will be a new story up on my site very soon!

I would like to thank you all for the flood of feedback I have been receiving for the short stories and my poem. This is one of the best parts of my job… the other is simply that my chair swivels!




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