How do you celebrate?

The ten-minute thrillers are temporarily on hold as I sit here tirelessly working on perfecting my latest novel, in the race to create a literary masterpiece.
As I read, I wonder… who wrote this? I don’t remember being the person who typed all those words and created this from thin air!
I am extremely proud of some of it… and some of it needs a rewrite (or in other words is utter crap!)
This brings me to my point today, sometimes we have a bad habit of focussing on our failures rather than our successes!
We should all remember to enthusiastically celebrate our achievements! Have a celebratory drink, open a bottle of champagne… remember, it’s not good for you to keep things bottled up!
Please enjoy one of my previous posts.
      It is indicative of how I am feeling as I trudge on… A Fight to the Death!